Inside Advanced Scale Challenges|Wednesday, October 26, 2016
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Passing Go: Augmented Intelligence and the Improvement, Not Replacement, of Us

Passing Go: Augmented Intelligence and the Improvement, Not Replacement, of...

Recently I had an interesting exchange about the rise of artificial intelligence and its implications. The discussion ...

Cloud Investments & the Future of Cloud Computing

Cloud Investments & the Future of Cloud Computing

The cloud industry is evolving – a point that is made abundantly clear by the scope of ...

How P&G Got Hooked on Analytics: ‘High Value Problems People Were Willing to Pay For’

How P&G Got Hooked on Analytics: ‘High Value Problems People Were Wi...

Procter & Gamble, the $76 billion consumer packaged goods giant with sales to 5 billion consumers in ...

Early Blockchain Adopters Kicking Tires

Early Blockchain Adopters Kicking Tires

While skeptics question how long it will take for emerging blockchain technology to make a dent in ...

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Based on the assumption that cloud adopters will use multiple platforms from multiple vendors, a growing number of OpenStack vendors have been targeting interoperability across different clouds to boost flexibility as well as cloud security. Hence, the meshing of different OpenStack distributions was a key topic for cloud vendors during an industry summit this week in Barcelona, Spain. No ... Full article
Recently I had an interesting exchange about the rise of artificial intelligence and its implications. The discussion was centered around Google's AI-fueled AlphaGo program, which trounced Lee Sedol, the world's best player of the strategic game of Go. Since AI can now dominate Go, can we extrapolate that algorithms will be able to make critical business decisions and that ... Full article
Cloud-native application development is among the drivers of OpenStack production deployments, which more than doubled over the last year, according to a new vendor survey. The survey results released this week by OpenStack leader Red Hat Inc. found that 43 percent of those polled last month said they have deployed the cloud platform in production, up from 16 percent ... Full article
HPE Extreme Performance Solutions

New HPC Software Solutions Delivering Simplicity, Speed, and Flexibility

High-performance computing (HPC) is enabling enterprises of every size and industry to extract insight from their massive data sets, transform operational processes, adopt new business models, and accelerate innovation. The unparalleled levels of computational speed and performance offered by HPC not only promise to help us address the world’s increasingly complex scientific, economic, and social problems, but will also rapidly propel the industry forward into a new era of computing. Read more…

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As more companies are moving applications and other workloads to the cloud, the market for cloud-based data analytics appears to be gaining momentum as cloud infrastructure vendors invest in application monitoring services. Among the emerging cloud monitoring services attracting investors is Wavefront, an analytics tool vendor that helps software-as-a-service vendors boost their DevOps functions. The three-year-old startup said Tuesday ... Full article
Procter & Gamble, the $76 billion consumer packaged goods giant with sales to 5 billion consumers in 180 countries, has lots of data. Four years ago, as the company found itself waist-deep in a rising tide of opaque data, P&G embarked on a voyage of big data discovery, one that provides a series of technology and organizational object lessons ... Full article
While skeptics question how long it will take for emerging blockchain technology to make a dent in the financial technology market, high-profile backers of the decentralized secure transaction platform claim it is poised to "rewire" financial markets. Among the promoters is IBM (NYSE: IBM), which argues in a recent report that a group of early adopters are driving blockchain ... Full article
Editor’s Note: In this guest commentary, Bob Sorensen, research vice president in IDC's High Performance Computing group, argues that high performance computing is undergoing basic changes in how we should think about it and define it. Advanced scale computing was once mostly the domain of government labs and large academic research centers. Today, the HPC universe is expanding, to use ... Full article
The OpenStack cloud platform has had plenty of teething problems, none the least of which are its complexity in deployments and a steep learning curve before users reap a return on the investment. Key vendors such as Rackspace (NYSE: RAX) and Red Hat (NYSE: RHT) have responded with managed services designed to make the cloud platform easier to deploy ... Full article
The new Dell EMC combination put itself on display this week at Dell EMC World in Austin, and made two announcements that flex the company’s storage muscles: an all-flash array (AFA) offering that Dell EMC said sets new density, performance and scalability standards, and an at-scale object storage platform positioned to underprice public cloud-based storage. The flashier of the ... Full article
Improved weather forecasting and climate change analysis are among the emerging applications for the combination of exascale computing, data analytics and the storage demands each places on data management tasks. European forecasters have been at the forefront of leveraging these technologies. The latest example comes from the U.K.'s national weather service, the Met Office, which announced this week it ... Full article
More organizations are migrating applications to the cloud, along with more basic infrastructure, such as storage and application development platforms. A recent survey of IT professionals found that 92 percent say adopting cloud technologies is important to their organizations’ long-term business success, and 27 percent call it extremely important. As a result, today’s IT professionals are increasingly judged by ... Full article
AI imbued throughout the enterprise is the major technology trend for 2017, according industry watcher Gartner Group. The company announced its prognostications today at the annual Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando. "Gartner's top 10 strategic technology trends for 2017 set the stage for the Intelligent Digital Mesh," said David Cearley, vice president and Gartner Fellow. "The first three embrace 'Intelligence ... Full article
Faster server provisioning and consolidation along with long-term cost savings remain the key benefits of virtualization, according to a new vendor survey, with virtual machines keeping pace with trendy application infrastructure such as Linux containers and hybrid cloud computing. In a survey of enterprise IT managers and system architects released on Monday (Oct. 17), open source software leader Red ... Full article
Docker Inc. has tapped into the emerging high-volume Chinese cloud market in a deal to provide a range of application container services to the cloud-computing arm of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA). Meanwhile, rival CoreOS has acquired a container startup that develops software for managing the Kubernetes container orchestrator. Docker said it would provide Alibaba Cloud with ... Full article
With two major announcements this week, IBM continues to drive the build-out of its advanced scale ecosystem, aligning industry heavies to jointly develop open technologies that tackle the perennial problems of latency, bandwidth and bringing processing power into balance with data access within and among servers. In so doing, IBM and the companies alongside it have joined battle with ... Full article
The hybrid cloud market just got far more competitive with an alliance between the leading public cloud vendor and an entrenched datacenter supplier. Along with preserving existing datacenter investments, the alliance also is seen as targeting big data workloads while raising new questions about cloud security. The partnership between Amazon Web Services (NASDAQ: AMZN) and datacenter stalwart VMware (NYSE: ... Full article
All-flash storage leader Pure Storage rolled out a petabyte-scale storage array this week while also expanding its collaboration with Cisco Systems on a converged infrastructure initiative. Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG), Mountain View, Calif., announced availability on Wednesday (Oct. 12) of the latest version of its all-flash storage array. The fifth generation of the flagship FlashArray//m is billed as scaling ... Full article
Security remains the greatest barrier to cloud adoption as more mobile applications are hosted by outside software and infrastructure service providers, according to a new survey. The vendor poll released this week also found that only 10 percent of cloud migrations have been completed as enterprises struggle with a host of security issues. The digital transformation survey released Wednesday ... Full article
Industry powerhouses have joined forces to address an issue that has confounded system architects since the advent of multi-core computing, one that has gained in urgency with the emergence of data analytics: the need to bring balance between processing power and data access. The Gen-Z Consortium has set out to create a scalable, open, high-performance semantic fabric interconnect aimed ... Full article
U.S. government agencies' slog to the cloud, a journey that has lately been complicated by a new set of security requirements designed to fend off an outbreak of "nation-state" cyber attacks, registered some modest progress this week when another cloud services provider announced it had achieved "ready status" under a federal cloud security initiative. CloudPassage Inc., a security platform ... Full article
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The brick and mortar of an industrial Internet of Things is arriving with a security framework designed to balance the safety and reliability requirements ...
Despite major market inroads being made by Apache Spark, a new forecast estimates the global market for the Hadoop big data framework will continue ...
Data lakes solve a lot of problems in today's big data world. When properly designed, they serve as an efficient means for storing large ...
Electronic disk storage became popular in the early 2000’s for archive and compliance storage. SEC Rule 17a-4 is the federal regulation that requires broker-dealers ...
Is the closed-source system on its last legs? Maybe not just yet, but we’re pretty close to it. Consider the phenomenal growth in the ...